Projects in israel

“Coffee Gardens”

Several branches in Israel

The designer of the chain Leticia, contacted us and we created especially for the chain, the floral lighting body, with a number of bulbs and colors that link the lighting body to the overall design and the colors of the branches.
The chain has several branches that are scattered throughout the country and above the bar in each branch you can see the lighting fixtures which over the years has become a symbol of the cafe and so identified with the lighting.


Apartment in Ness Ziona

Ness Ziona, Israel

Designer Orly Bakshi designed a beautiful residential apartment in Ness Ziona, the invited lighting fixtures added to the elegance of the design line and added as a design item in several places in the house.

The kitchen of the apartment has an impressive and elegant oval lighting fixture. The bedroom has hanging side lamps and ceiling lamps that are ordered in specific colors that complement the design line.


Private home in southern Israel

At the entrance, we created ceiling-mounted lights that illuminate the entrance to the house. The living room which is the heart of the house has a large and impressive circular lighting body of special colors and a combination which brought color to the space. Above the staircase that links the two floors of the house we created several small lighting fixtures that filled the space with plenty of light and uniqueness.

Villa in kfar kara

A young couple about to get married and as usual in their sector, their home is accurate and ready for all its details, coming in and ordering some lighting fixtures including a really large Chandelier with thousands of small transparent flowers affixed one by one, for the living room.


Private house

Customers who love the color that comes from home accessories and elements. From the very beginning it was clear to all of us that the lighting body would be multi-color flowers and leaves, and the only thing left to determine is the color and style …. And so, according to the space and dining area, we created a lighting body that exactly matched the requirements, when the customer is even happier

Vintage living room

When people ask me if the lighting I produce is vintage I always say I don’t see it vintage at all, and then on a clear day, very nice customers come in and ask to order lighting that fits a vintage style living room. They were so focused and knew exactly what they wanted so it was easy to continue the process and although the color composition of this lighting body I’ve been producing for a long time I never thought of it as vintage, since I got this picture I no longer say my lighting fixtures are not Vintage, it turns out they fit a lot of designs.

Private home in Tivon

The client requested an impressive and elegant lighting fixture that would fit the stairwell, but this house is so special that the staircase entrance is from the entrance floor and to enter the house you have to go up the stairs, so this is the first welcome for the guests.
We created a ring to which we assembled the flowers and leaves in an impressive and elegant composition.

Private home in Haifa

Customers who liked my lighting fixtures, and worked with an interior designer from Haifa, sent him straight to me to determine their size and quantity. We made two lighting fixtures over the dining area with a strong and dominant color scheme and this is the bright spot of the house.