Worldwide projects

During my years of building and designing lighting and selling on commercial networks, I have collaborated quite a few times with overseas interior designers that I have never met before and through correspondence I am able to design and produce light fixtures that complement exactly the various and varied projects they carry out. Among the projects, restaurants, cafes, bar, bowling alley, barber shop, dental clinic, hotel lobby and more


Interior designer from USA

An interior designer, who requested a lighting fixture for the entrance of a home she designed, with specific height and width, and the main emphasis was on the variety of colors, and so by sending pictures we reached the exact color mix for the customer, and thus created a new lighting body with a charming and unique color combination that was not Exists before

Apartment in Ukraine

The customer ordered a number of lighting fixtures which I created exactly according to the instructions she gave in terms of color or size. When I got the pictures I was surprised to see the creativity and use of the lighting fixtures.


Barbershop In New Jersey

The customer who ordered through the eCommerce website some lighting fixtures, medium lighting fixtures that are hung on the ceiling. When I got the pictures I realized that she had invited it to her hair salon

Texas USA

One morning I get an email from the show’s designer Matilda in one of the US states, he asks for a number of lighting fixtures, certain sizes and special designs and the working conditions are very tight. Right then, I designed, created, and packed, and of course we met the times and conditions.

Hawaii, dining area

 The view from the windows is so beautiful and the elongated lighting fixture called Cloud is sitting so beautifully on this Hawaiian dining area. An elongated lighting fixture with many bulbs, flowers and transparent leaves that light up the entire table

London – Dining area

The chandelier is designed for a modern, not very large, neutral-colored dining area, so we created this lighting fixture with transparent leaves and flowers that add to the elegance and tranquility of the space.


Lighting fixture, commissioned through a trade site, without any questions or details, when I got the picture I thought it was amazing that the invited fixture sits so precisely on the dimensions of the dining room, giving the feeling that it was always there as part of the noon atmosphere.

Concord Hotel – New York

 The Concord Hotel lobby in New York, adorns a large, wild and particularly impressive lighting fixture
The lighting fixture that was commissioned by special order, according to specific dimensions and quantity of bulbs. The lighting fixture certainly attracts great attention and does the work while in the center of the hotel