Yehuda Ozan, lighting artist

Every time you walk into my studio, magic happens. Here on Etsy, this magic happens online.

Your design dreams receive personal interpretation and expression through colors, shapes and lights.

Each time I create with you – customized lighting fixtures – bringing home light and transforming your space through the addition of objects of beauty.

All the lighting fixtures I create have one intention, which is to brighten your day. Each and every day.

I’m Yehuda Ozan, an Israeli designer specializing in light fixtures for over 25 years. Let’s get to know each other.

To me, lighting is first and foremost a source of light, in the simplest and most abstract sense of the word. It is a source of joy and creativity. In a way, whenever I start working with a new client on a project together, it is a chance to develop and play. Each client tells me a story about what they want to behold, a story full of colors, shapes, and styles. I fulfill the dream through my designs, and get ready to start the process all over again.

Over the years playing with light and color, I’ve designed for restaurants, cafes, bed and breakfasts, hotels and residential spaces all over Israel. The interior designers, architects and private clients whom I have the honor to work with value joy, creativity and uniqueness. They admire the power of a single object, and how it can change the atmosphere in any room, adding personality and personalization to any space.

Internationally, my work has been exhibited in New York and Japan. I have also had the privilege to design lighting fixtures for retail, dental clinics, residential buildings, bars and restaurants in the United States and Europe. In addition, I took part in the lighting design for the “Matilda” musical in the United States.

Working in tandem with interior designers all over the world, I’ve created custom lighting fixtures for various projects, crafting unique pieces which harmonize with each business’ brand. These are companies who wanted to bring a special item to their offices, and I am delighted to be the one to facilitate that.

For me, every designer or private client who reaches out gives me a chance to express their joy, fun, lightness and creativity. Together we create lighting fixtures that help capture memories and personal stories. We accomplish this through unique materials, interesting textures, intriguing and stimulating colors. I enjoy each and every opportunity to interpret a personal or family story into a fixture that in turn lights up the life of that family.




Blue Flower Light Chandelier

Polyester leaf and flower ceiling lamp in shades of blue, green, impressive lamp and attention-grabbing …


“Coffee Gardens”

Leticia, the designer of the chain, contacted us and we created specially for the chain the floral…


Flowers of light 

Flowers are always wonderful for decorating a festive atmosphere at home, The artist Yehuda Ozan…

Judah’s lighting fixtures in your house
Among Judah’s works, you will find a variety of lighting fixtures that he has been producing for over twenty years. The lighting fixtures are colorful and happy, elegant and impressive, and everything for you to choose.